Yesterday Uke tab by The Beatles

10 Chords used in the song: F, Em7, A7, Dm, C, Bb, G7, A, Gm6, C7

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Year:  1965
Key: unknownChords
F F    Em7 Em7         A7 A7    
Yesterday, all my trouble seem
Dm Dm C C Bb Bb
so far away
Now it looks as though
they're here to stay
Dm Dm G7 G7 Bb Bb F F
Oh, i belive in yesterday

Suddenly, i'm not half the man
i used to be
There's a shadow
hanging over me
Oh, yesterday came suddenly

A A A7 A7 Dm Dm C C Bb Bb
Why she had to go,
Dm Dm Gm6 Gm6
i don't know,
C7 C7 F F
she wouldn't say.
A A A7 A7 Dm Dm C C Bb Bb
I said something wrong,
Dm Dm Gm6 Gm6 C7 C7 F F
now i long for yesterday.

Yesterday, love was such
an easy game to play
Now i need a place
to hide away
Oh, I belive in yesterday

Why she had to go,
i don't know
she wouldn't say.
I said something wrong
now i long for yesterday...

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About this song: Yesterday

"Yesterday" is a pop song originally recorded by The Beatles for their 1965 album Help!. According to the Guinness Book of Records, "Yesterday" has the most cover versions of any song ever written. The song remains popular today with more than 3,000 recorded cover versions, the first hitting the United Kingdom top 10 three months after the release of Help!. Broadcast Music Incorporated (BMI) asserts that it was performed over seven million times in the 20th century alone. Read more on

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