Ukulele Tab Converter

Transpose guitar tablatures to ukulele tabs

This unique tool allows you to transpose Guitar tabs into Ukulele tabs (in re-entrant C-Tuning) in seconds! Copy/paste your Guitar tab in the textarea, click "Convert" and enjoy =)
This converter can detect multiple tabs blocks (but they need to be separated using exactly ONE line break), and it will always keep the original song key. It is usually 70% accurate, don't expect perfect Uke Tabs each time you use this tool. Unless something goes terribly wrong, results should be a bit off at worst. Note: this tools has been created a long time ago (2010), we plan to release a new version this year (2024). Contact Us to access the beta test. Works great on Riffs or licks, but don't try to transpose chords (use our chord detector instead) or the result could be useless.

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