Ukulele Tabs Android App

Free Android Application for Ukulele Players

Official Android app of (Now compatible with the Baritone!)
The app allows you to browse Ukulele-Tabs on your mobile, save your favourite tabs for offline viewing, Sync. them with your online songbook and much more.

  • Tablet support,
  • Browse tabs by artist name,
  • Search tabs (artists or songs),
  • Top tabs: monthly, overall, most bookmarked,
  • Filter tabs by country, genre and difficulty,
  • Get random tabs,
  • Save tabs for off-line viewing,
  • Edit your saved tabs,
  • Sync. locally saved tabs with your online songbook (login required),
  • Retrieve your own tabs (login required),
  • Auto-scroll tabs while playing,
  • Transpose chords into a different key,
  • Select your default Uke type (Soprano or Baritone)
  • Stick chords on top while scrolling (+ remember scroll speed option),
  • Change tab font size,
  • Top 5 tabs by artist, view similar artists,
  • Similar songs,
  • Detailed tab infos,
  • +200 chord charts (Soprano and Baritone),
  • Latest Tabs & news,
  • Available in 12 languages,
  • Prevent screen lock while using the app,

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