Old Brown Shoe Uke tab by The Beatles

8 Chords used in the song: Dm, F, Ab, Eaug, Am, G, F7, F#dim

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# Non-standard chord voicings:
# - C7*: 3033
# - G7*: 0532


A ---------------------------
E -------------3-3--3-3--3-3-
C ----------0--0-0--0-0--0-0- x2
G -0-2-3-5--0--3-3--3-3--3-3-


C7 C7*
I want a love that's right, right is only half of what's wrong

Dm Dm
I want a short-haired girl who sometimes wears it twice as long

F F Ab Ab
Now I'm stepping out this old brown shoe, baby, I'm in love with you

F F Eaug Eaug Am Am C7 C7*
I'm so glad you came here, won't be the same, now, I'm telling you

You know you pick me up...


G G F7 F7
If I grow up I'll be a singer wearing rings on every finger

G G F7 F7
Not worrying what they or you'll say, I'll live and love and maybe someday

F#dim F#dim G G G7 G7*
Who knows, baby, you may comfort me

[Interlude - Rhythm]
# Same as [Verse]

[Interlude - Solo]

A -----3-------3-1\-------3-------3-1\-
E -1/3-3---1/3-3-3\---1/3-3---1/3-3-3\-
C -------------------------------------
G -------------------------------------

A -----5-------5-3\-------5-------5-3\-
E -3/5-5---3/5-5-5\---3/5-5---3/5-5-5\-
C -------------------------------------
G -------------------------------------

A ---------------------------------3-------------------------------
E -1----------1h2-1h2-1------------2---2-----2-4-2-----------4-3-2-
C ---3-0-3--3-----------3-0-3-3--3---3----/3-------3-1-0-1-0-------
G -----------------------------------------------------------------

A -0-0-3-5-3--0-----3-5-3--0-0-------------------------3\5-
E -1------------4-4----------0-0-3-5-------0-3-4/5-3-0-----
C --------------4--------------------0-2-4-----------------
G ---------------------------------------------------------

I may appear to be imperfect...

I know my love is yours...


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