Eye Of The Tiger Uke tab by Survivor

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Eye Of The Tiger by Survivor, 1982
[AmAm] Risin' xx [FF] back xx xxx xxxxxx
[GG] Did xx xxxx xxxx xx [AmAm] chances
[AmAm] Went xxx xxxxxxxx xxx xxx [FF] back xx xx xxxx
Just x [GG] man xxx xxx xxxx xx xxx [AmAm] vive

[AmAm] So xxxx xxxxx xx [FF] happens xxx xxxx
[GG] You xxxxx xxxx xxxxxxx xxx [AmAm] glory
[AmAm] Don't xxxx xxxx xxxx xx xxx [FF] dreams xx xxx xxxx
You xxxx [GG] fight xxxx xx xxxx xxxx [AmAm] alive

It's xxx [DmDm] eye xx xxx xxxxx xxxx xxx [CC] thrill xx xxx [GG] fight
Risin' [DmDm] up xx xxx xxxxxxxxx xx xxx [CC] rival [GG]
And xxx [DmDm] last xxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxx xxx [CC] prey xx xxx [GG] night
And xxxx [DmDm] watching xx [CC] all xxxx xxx [FF] eye xx xxx [AmAm] tiger

[AmAm] Face xx xxxx [FF] out xx xxx xxxx
[GG] hanging xxxxx xxxxxxx [AmAm] hungry
[AmAm] They xxxxx xxx xxxx xxxxx xx [FF] take xx xxx xxxxxx
For xxx [GG] kill xxxx xxx xxxxx xx xxx [AmAm] vive


[AmAm] Risin' xx [FF] straight xx xxx xxx
[GG] Had xxx xxxx xxx xxx [AmAm] glory
[AmAm] Went xxx xxxxxxxx xxx xxx [FF] not xxxxx xxxx
Just x [GG] man xxx xxx xxxx xx xxx [AmAm] vive




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Josapr avatar
Riff can be played as one strum each: C CGC CGF
29 May 2020
LokiLori avatar
flag for CA(ISO2) (Vancouver)
for an intro I use Am Am G Am Am G Am Am G F
14 Dec 2009
actarus avatar
flag for FR(ISO2) (branges)

intro is Am, Am7,F
18 Nov 2009
About this song

1982, Album of same name. Dave Bickler sang lead. The theme song to Rocky III. The track won a Grammy for Best Rock Performance By a Duo or Group.