Eye Of The Tiger Tab por Survivor

5 Acordes utilizados en la canción: Am, F, G, Dm, C

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# Eye Of The Tiger by Survivor, 1982
[Am Am]Risin' up, [F F]back on the street
[G G]Did my time, took my [Am Am]chances
[Am Am]Went the distance, now I'm [F F]back on my feet
Just a [G G]man and his will to sur[Am Am]vive.

[Am Am]So many times, it [F F]happens too fast
[G G]You trade your passion for [Am Am]glory.
[Am Am]Don't lose your grip on the [F F]dreams of the past,
You must [G G]fight just to keep them [Am Am]alive.

It's the [Dm Dm]eye of the tiger, it's the [C C]thrill of the [G G]fight,
Risin' [Dm Dm]up to the challenge of our [C C]rival, [G G]
And the [Dm Dm]last known survivor stalks his [C C]prey in the [G G]night,
And he's [Dm Dm]watching us [C C]all with the [F F]eye of the [Am Am]tiger.

[Am Am]Face to face, [F F]out in the heat
[G G]hanging tough, staying [Am Am]hungry.
[Am Am]They stack the odds, still we [F F]take to the street
For the [G G]kill with the skill to sur[Am Am]vive


[Am Am]Risin' up, [F F]straight to the top
[G G] Had the guts, got the [Am Am]glory
[Am Am]Went the distance, now I'm [F F]not gonna stop
Just a [G G]man and his will to sur[Am Am]vive.




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Josapr avatar
Riff can be played as one strum each: C CGC CGF
29 May 2020
LokiLori avatar
flag for CA(ISO2) (Vancouver)
for an intro I use Am Am G Am Am G Am Am G F
14 Dec 2009
actarus avatar
flag for FR(ISO2) (branges)

intro is Am, Am7,F
18 Nov 2009
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