Hakuna Matata Uke tab by Disney

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F chordF
Hakuna Matata
C chordC
What a wonderful phrase
F chordF
Hakuna Matata
G chordG
Ain't no passin' craze

Am chordAm
It means no worries
D chordD
For the rest of your days
F chordF
It's our problem free
G chordG
C chordC
Hakuna Matata


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conanstan avatar
flag for US(ISO2) (poop)
This is so much fun to do! Thank you for creating this tab!
26 May 2020
imaginary avatar
08 Apr 2020
minttu avatar
16 Mar 2020
cocoloco123 avatar
d du du du d is what I used
14 Aug 2019
Adair avatar
what's the strumming pattern?
28 Jul 2019
rjsc avatar
flag for US(ISO2) (troy)
where does it say the strumming pattern
23 Jul 2019
Vongod avatar
In order this is what's sounded best to me, thanks to help from the comments:
- Add a D before the "craze" "G".
- Change G to G7 for the "craze" "G".
- Add an F before "days" "D".
04 Jul 2019
isacorn5872 avatar
super easy
16 Apr 2019
Ali93 avatar
30 Oct 2018
Paul2hip8 avatar
flag for US(ISO2) (Goffstown)
@bkit103 i Dont know how to comment on comments. This is called dominant V in music theory. The F(the 7 in the G7 chord) is in the key of C major(which the song is in) and would usually resolve a half-step down to the E of the C major triad(on the E string) but in this context it resolves to the E in the A minor triad which is the relative minor of C major which sets up the next phase moving to D major and so on. For more information like this, subscribe to 12Tone on Youtube
25 Aug 2018
CargoMusic avatar
flag for MX(ISO2) (Mexicali)
28 Jun 2018
bkit103 avatar
flag for CA(ISO2) (Calgary)
i like playing the g in "ain't no passing craze" as a g7 (it sounds better)

strumming pattern is DDU UDU
28 May 2018
BKS157 avatar
If u add a D in "ain't" it's gonna sound better...
23 Mar 2018
ivann avatar
flag for BS(ISO2) (HalloHa)
21 Feb 2018
martinantonia avatar
flag for CL(ISO2) (Santiago)
22 Jul 2017
martinantonia avatar
flag for CL(ISO2) (Santiago)
22 Jul 2017
dannedejesus avatar
may i know what is the strumming pattern?
20 Apr 2017
Isajogs avatar
flag for MX(ISO2) (México)
13 Feb 2017
Hakka avatar
flag for US(ISO2) (Lakeland)
such a fun melody to play alongt too!!
28 Jul 2012
pnutbutta4me avatar
love it, sounds good
08 Feb 2012
iamajeya avatar
someone [post go the distance! please and thank you! :D
02 Feb 2012
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