Handlebars Uke tab by Flobots

Ukulele Tab without chords.

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Ukulelinator avatar
Indeed it is! Thanks for the heads up! I just fixed the tab.
31 Dec 2009
goober2992 avatar
goober2992 flag for US(ISO2) (Chesapeake)
on the third part, its not open, it goes E string 1st fret, A string 1st fret. thanks for the rest of it tho.
30 Dec 2009
Ukulelinator avatar
Sure thing! I just posted a 12 fret version of the tab. (Aptly named "Handlebars (12 Fret Version)".) It actually uses the entire range of a 12 fret standard tuned ukulele exactly as the lowest note uses an open C string and the highest uses the A string, twelfth fret. An amazing fit! ;D
22 Nov 2009
bonebone avatar
bonebone flag for GB(ISO2) (Ely)
goood, but could you do one for soprano ukes?
22 Nov 2009
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