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# Since many ukuleles only have 12 frets and the original 
# version of my "Handlebars" tab requires 17, I created this 12
# fret version of the song's "riff". Note that my original 17
# fret "Handlebars" tab more closely resembles the actual notes
# played in the song so if your ukulele does have 17 or more
# frets I encourage you to use that tab instead of this one.
# Nonetheless, this tab still sounds pretty good and I hope you
# enjoy playing it. Cheers!





Uke tab by , 22 Nov 2009

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blastbird avatar
Great! But I'm sure there's something better for soprano ukuleles
26 Sep 2018
eye2eye avatar
This is great, though I’m not sure about the 0 at the very end.
24 Mar 2012
rocker9455 avatar
flag for GB(ISO2) (Hereford)
ukulelinator Thanks so much! great tab, sounds fantastic!
30 Nov 2009
bonebone avatar
flag for GB(ISO2) (Ely)
23 Nov 2009

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