Dont Worry, Be Happy Uke tab by Bobby Mcferrin

3 Chords used in the song: B, Dbm, E

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Year:  1996
Key: E, B, Dbm, AbmChords
#I have seen alot of Versions of this song, but this is the best version I have #come across(I did not make thiese chords).

B B Dbm Dbm
Heres a little song I wrote You might have to sing it note for note
Dont worry be happy

#This just goes on in the whole song, and for the ohhhhh bit its the same chord #progression( The strumming is a reggae strum). Thats the way I play it but you #cange the chords when ever you want!

Uke tab by , 27 Jun 2010

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aangievaldezz avatar
flag for US(ISO2) (Panorama City)
Strumming is D-DU -UDU
06 Feb 2020
Strumming pattern
Memilla avatar
What's the strumming like?
03 Sep 2019
Saxist96 avatar
I Love this Song !!! everytime i fell bad i have to hear this Song and all will be good
01 Dec 2012

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