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Yellowcard - Only One

Verse 1 (strum):

E/G# chordE/G# A chordA
Broken this fragile thing now
B chordB A chordA
and I can't I can't pick up the pieces
E/G# chordE/G# A chordA
And I've thrown my words all around
B chordB A chordA
but I can't I can't get you a reason

B chordB
I feel so broken up so broken up
C#m chordC#m
and I give up I give up
E/G# chordE/G# B chordB
I just wanna tell you so you know

C#m chordC#m
Here I go
A chordA E chordE
scream my lungs out and try to get to you
B chordB
you are my only one
C chordC C#m chordC#m
I let go
A chordA E chordE
there's just no one that gets me like you do
B chordB
you are my only
my only one

Verse 2:
E/G# chordE/G# A chordA
Made my mistakes let you down
B chordB C#m chordC#m A chordA
and I can't I can't hold on for too long
E/G# chordE/G# A chordA
Ran my whole life in the ground
B chordB C#m chordC#m A chordA
and I can't I can't get up when you're gone

B chordB
And something's breaking up breaking up
C#m chordC#m
I feel like giving up like giving up
E chordE B chordB
I won't walk out until you know

(Repeat Chorus) then C#m chordC#m


C#m--A--B-C#m-A (x2)

C#m chordC#m
Here i go
A chordA
so dishonestly
E chordE
Leave a note
B chordB
for you my only one
C#m chordC#m
And i know
A chordA
you can see right through me
E chordE
So let me go
B chordB
and you will find someone

Repeat Chorus a few times

End On C#m chordC#m


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About this song

"Only One" By Yellowcard is a song that moves you each time you listen. It makes you wonder if you have an only one. It makes you realize that every time you fall, you get stronger and believe what is beyond words. Sometimes the desire to meet eyes with your only one is the only thing you'll ever want to do. Yellowcard used to be a punk rock band formed in Florida. Later on, they released their hit album "Ocean Avenue" where they turned into alternative rock.