Your New Boyfriend Uke tab by Wilbur Soot

6 Chords used in the song: A, C#m, F#m, D, Dm, Bm

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Album:  unknown
Key: A, F#mChords
# Lyrics may change when the full song releases
# *Strum once only

# Verse 1
A A*
Life isn't quite what I thought it'd be
C#m C#m*
When I was a kid on VoIP
F#m F#m*
I thought when I'd get older,
D D*
I'd marry her
Dm Dm*
I told her

# Verse 2
But now I'm 26, work in an office
C#m C#m
9 'til 5, not the best, I'll be honest
F#m F#m D D*
If I could change a single thing
Dm Dm* A A
I'd make it me and not him

# Verse 3
A A* C#m C#m
But she's living the dream
F#m F#m
Oh, she's living the dream
D D* Dm Dm*
From back when we were seventeen
Oh, yeah I've met Jared
('Course I've met Jared)
C#m C#m*
The one who took you away from me
F#m F#m*
You hit it off instantly
I know, 'cause you won't stop
Dm Dm
telling me

# Verse 4
I've seen his jawline, shoulders, and muscles
C#m C#m
Push against his fashion sense
F#m F#m
I've thought about what he
D D*
looks like nude
N.C. Dm Dm* A A
(I'm not gay, though)

# Chorus
D D*
But he's in your bed
Dm Dm* A A
And I'm in your Twitch chat
D D*
I've got your key
Dm Dm* A A
But he's just the doormat
D D Dm Dm
And even though he's got social skills
A A C#m C#m
Doesn't mean I can't pay the bills
D D Dm Dm
Anyway, make the most of him
A A C#m C#m
'Cause she moves on pretty bloody quick
D D-Dm Dm Bm Bm*
Oh-oh, 'cause your new boyfriend's
Bm Bm*
an arsehole

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Uke tab by , 17 Nov 2020

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Samiel avatar
flag for UA(ISO2) (Kyiv)
totally wrong, wrong key, wrong progression and no strum pattern
15 Mar 2021
sprig avatar
Guys this is the Demo version of the song 'Your New Boyfriend'. Not the one that was released not too long ago. This IS the right version, but the DEMO one. Just to clear that up :)
17 Dec 2020
kaicho212 avatar
the lyrics are right just not in the right order. might wanna fix that.
16 Dec 2020
kriawastaken avatar
flag for US(ISO2) (Dallas)
I dont think many of the notes are correct? Can the creator check to make sure it sounds alright.
14 Dec 2020
GPNP30 avatar
wow didn't expect to see this here
18 Nov 2020
ricethericey avatar
18 Nov 2020
ricethericey avatar
18 Nov 2020

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