This Is Home Uke tab by Cavetown

6 Chords used in the song: Cmaj7, Cm, G, Em, C, A

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Album:  unknown
Key: unknownChords

Cmaj7 Cmaj7 Cm Cm G G


Cmaj7 Cmaj7 Cm Cm G G Cmaj7 Cmaj7
Often I am upset that I cannot fall in love but I guess
Cm Cm G G
This avoids the stress of falling out of it
Cmaj7 Cmaj7 Cm Cm G G Cmaj7 Cmaj7
Are you tired of me yet? I'm a little sick right now but I swear
Cm Cm G G
When I'm ready I will fly us out of here


Em Em  C C G G
Ooo oo oo, I'll cut my hair
Em Em  C C G G
Ooo oo oo, To make you stare
Em Em  C C G G
Ooo oo oo I'll hide my chest
Em Em   Cm Cm G G
And I'll figure out a way to get us out of here

Em Em  C C G G
Ooo oo oo x4


Cmaj7 Cmaj7 Cm Cm G G Cmaj7 Cmaj7
Turn off your porcelain face, I can't really think right now and this place
Cm Cm G G
Has too many colours enough to drive all of us insane
Cmaj7 Cmaj7 Cm Cm G G
Are you dead? Sometimes I think I'm dead
Cmaj7 Cmaj7
Cause I can feel ghosts and ghouls wrapping my head
Cm Cm G G
But I don't wanna fall asleep just yet


Em Em  C C G G
Ooo oo oo My eyes went dark
Em Em  C C G G
Ooo oo oo I don't know where
Em Em  C C G G
Ooo oo oo, My pupils are
Em Em Cm Cm G G
But I'll figure out a way to get us out of here


Em Em
Get a load of this monster
He doesn't know how to communicate
His mind is in a different place
G G                                Cmaj7 Cmaj7
Will everybody please give him a little bit of space
Em Em
Get a load of this train wreck
His hair's a mess and he doesn't know who he is yet
Cmaj7 Cmaj7
But little do we know, the stars
Welcome him with open arms


Em Em  C C G G
Ooo oo oo, Time is
Em Em  C C G G
Ooo oo oo, Slowly
Em Em  C C G G
Ooo oo oo, Tracing his face
Em Em   Cm Cm G G
But strangely he feels at home in this place

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Uke tab by , 17 Oct 2017

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RatBoiii avatar
flag for US(ISO2) (N/A)
@ericaphan I tried a capo on the third fret. its much higher but it does sound good, especially if you play it a bit faster
31 Jul 2023
RatBoiii avatar
flag for US(ISO2) (N/A)
When i strum its mostly just Down, except for these parts:

(start)Cmaj- D D |Cm- D D |G D D DU D

Are you tired of me yet? I'm a little sick right now but I swear

When I'm ready I will fly us out of here(on the end G) G- D D DU D

And I'll figure out a way to get us out of here(Also on the end G) D D DU D

BAsically on all the Gs that are at the end (Excluding the end of the song) I strum down twice, a quick Down and an up, and then down again

Personal preference but i think it sounds rlly good

Hope this helped :)
31 Jul 2023
rayrey_ avatar
flag for US(ISO2) (Portland)
For this song I would recommend to just strum from top to bottom and not bottom to top so it sounds like the actual song :)
01 Sep 2022
Strumming pattern
ChewieCherries avatar
for strumming pattern i do D-DDU for Cmaj7 and Cm then D-DDU-UDU-UDU-UDU in the intro all through the the chorus until the 2nd verse then i just do DDU-UDU for the rest until the end then i do a picking pattern

Em: C-E-A-G

C: C-E-G-E

G: C-E-A-G-C-E-A-G
31 Jul 2022
Strumming pattern
C_bear27 avatar
I use d-dud on every chord except g,then on g I use d dud d dud
24 Jul 2022
Typ0Fr0g avatar
flag for US(ISO2) (Eckruteak City)
The strumming pattern I use is D-DUD. Also I have a weird plucking pattern for the end.
Cmaj7- E G A G C E G E
and then a down strum on the chord G.
Sorry if this is weird or complicated but hope it helps!
01 Jun 2022
Strumming pattern
Luna0 avatar
flag for AR(ISO2) (Bueno Aires )
Strumming pattern i use: D DU in Cmaj7 and Cm, in G i use: D DUDUDU
31 Dec 2021
Strumming pattern
Tvp0 avatar
flag for CA(ISO2) (Ontario)
Strumming pattern i use: d-d-du
And for the longer ones you can use d-d-du-du-d-du-d if you are
27 Dec 2021
Strumming pattern
nekopickachuuuu16 avatar
I’m still confused
07 Nov 2021
kaeeatsbees avatar
DD-DU* - V1/V2

D-DU-UDU - Chorus/Bridge

and for the ending i use a plucking pattern.

Em- C E A G
C- C E G E
G- C E A G C E A G
and then repeat

if you don't like plucking, then i would use

DX* DX* DX* then a soft down strum-chuck.

*- change chord
chuck- stop the chord by placing your strumming hand over the strings.
24 Feb 2021
Strumming pattern
Ellaga avatar
I use this strumming pattern
29 Dec 2020
Strumming pattern
Deleted account
Sounds lovely
04 Dec 2020
ericaphan avatar
I like using a capo on the third fret :)
10 Sep 2020
panda2005 avatar
i like using B7 for part of it:
G B7
will everybody please give him a little bit of space
Em C
get a load of this trainwreck
G B7 Em
his hair's a mess and he doesn't know who he is yet

30 Jun 2020
conanstan avatar
flag for US(ISO2) (poop)
katecantalk just so you know, the A is not an F
27 May 2020
fangirluku14 avatar
flag for US(ISO2) (ur moms bed)
Plucking for the end:

Em: C E A G
C: C E G E
G: C E A G C E A G
16 May 2020
ChandelierSkies avatar
I personally just strum down the entire piece, changing pace on different parts :D
15 May 2020
fangirluku14 avatar
flag for US(ISO2) (ur moms bed)
I use
*- Next chord
01 May 2020
Strumming pattern
kiwiqueeen avatar
here's my strum pattern *-change chord
for the bridge i just kinda wing it
04 Apr 2020
dazepetal44 avatar
i use d ddud
25 Mar 2020
Strumming pattern
Rey_J avatar
mobile flag for CA(ISO2) (Calgary)
strumming pattern I use is d du - d du - d du du du du
13 Mar 2020
Strumming pattern
Ukulele_Buttercup avatar
D D DUDUD is the pattern I use
10 Mar 2020
Strumming pattern
Alex_Xander avatar
I use D DU repeatedly throughout the song
25 Feb 2020
Strumming pattern
Kekos avatar
I use for strumming this * - change chord
26 Aug 2019
Strumming pattern
katecanttalk avatar
just to be clear the A is really an F i think
14 Apr 2019
TheNerdist avatar
flag for US(ISO2) (a place)
I reccomend DD DU
06 Mar 2019
Strumming pattern
idkilikeukuleles avatar
mobile flag for US(ISO2) (San Antonio)
on the bridge I strum once and then I do DU for all the other chords and on G at the end of the lines I speed up :)
25 Feb 2019
Strumming pattern
cumgod6969 avatar
:D very good friend thank you so much for posting
11 Feb 2019
maddysuke avatar
flag for US(ISO2) (fantasy-land)
tbh i just strum down slowly and at the bridge i go a little faster :) lmao thats just what sounds right to me :)
11 Feb 2019
PacifistNZ avatar
I use Bmj7 in the bridge like Natalie Eng suggests on YouTube. I prefer the sound of it over Cmj7. Try it out fam x
31 Jan 2019
SepticSam avatar
flag for GB(ISO2) (London)
I use DDU UDU. Do whatever you like.
08 Jan 2019
Strumming pattern
karen2005 avatar
flag for US(ISO2) (hesperia)
for the strumming pattern I just use DDU UDU
25 Dec 2018
Strumming pattern
Shbluba avatar
chords are percect in my opinion
20 Dec 2018
schwabblewab avatar
For these chords:
Cmaj7 Cm G

And for these
Em C G

And at the end for
Em Cm G
I just play single down strums
27 Oct 2018
Strumming pattern
wet6lanket avatar
flag for US(ISO2) (Florence, kentucky)
cmaj7 ddu cm ddu g ddddududu (repeat once)
cmaj7 ddu cm dddu g ddddududu
cmaj7 ddu cm dddu g dddduudu
(Repeat the whole last part once too)
That's all I know as of rn, the strumming pattern is in a YouTube video and from what I know I might have it wrong but there's the first part for anyone who knows it. The video is by Natalie Eng, it's really helpful so I recommend anyone having trouble with the song to watch it. :-)
13 Aug 2018
Strumming pattern
Zasteroid avatar
mobile flag for UM(ISO2) (Guthrie)
I only strum down during everything but the bridge and the beginning. On the bridge I do DUDUDU, and the beginning I do DDDU-DDDU-DDDU.
12 Jul 2018
Strumming pattern
Deleted account
I mostly use DDDU-DDDU-DDDU ( a tad bit sped up at the DU parts ) It sounds calming and goes well with the song to me
22 Jun 2018
Strumming pattern
trinityisaloser avatar
flag for GB(ISO2) (Camberley)
for intro i use D D D U - D D D U -D D D U D U D D U
Instead of using Cm if you struggle, you can just use C
Also, like some other users i recommend maybe just using down strums for the singing part as it sounds calming and a lot more pleasant, its also not too complicated :P
27 Apr 2018
imtired avatar
flag for US(ISO2) (Orrington)
the strumming pattern i used is DDUxU / DDUxU / DDUxU DDUxU
19 Apr 2018
Strumming pattern
archverno avatar
flag for AU(ISO2) (Hobart)
the strumming pattern is DD DD DDDD ( for em/cmaj7 strum down twice, c/cm strum down twice, g strum down four times and then repeat it)
16 Apr 2018
tylerspiano avatar
i typically add Cmaj7 at the end of "welcome him with open arms".
i just think it sounds a bit better.
28 Mar 2018
Mentalillnes avatar
mobile flag for PL(ISO2) (Sandomierz)
what is the strumming pattern?
12 Mar 2018
livcoffey avatar
flag for AU(ISO2) (melbourne)
on the last chorus its down strums up until the last line where i do some plucking like this
its probably wrong but it sounds nice
06 Mar 2018
Ckupiec13 avatar
flag for US(ISO2) (Mokena)
@Ebraden D D D U D - D D D U D
26 Feb 2018
Cappugchino avatar
My personally strum pattern is just going down for this. Its easy and gives it a calming tone, and I think it sounds really nice
31 Jan 2018
Ebraden avatar
whats the struming patter for this?
03 Jan 2018

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