Apple Blossom Uke tab by White Stripes

5 Chords used in the song: Am, Dm, Em, G, B

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Year:  2000
Key: C, Am, EmChords
Verse 1: 

[Am Am]Hey little apple blossom
What [Dm Dm]seems to be the problem
[Am Am]All the ones you tell your troubles to
They [Em Em]don't really [G G]care for [Am Am]you.

Verse 2:

[Am Am]Come and tell me what you're thinking
'Cause [Dm Dm]just when the boat is sinking
[Am Am]A A little light is blinking
And [Em Em]I will come and [G G]rescue [Am Am]you.


[Dm Dm]Lots of girls walk a[Am Am]round in tears
[Em Em]But that's not for [Am Am]you
[Dm Dm]You've been looking all a[Am Am]round for years
For some[B B]one to tell your troubles [Em Em]too.

Verse 3:

[Am Am]Come and sit with me and talk a while
[Dm Dm]Let me see your pretty little smile
[Am Am]Put your troubles in a little pile
And [Em Em]I will sort them [G G]out for [Am Am]you.


[Em Em]I'll fall in [G G]love with [Am Am]you.
[Em Em]I think I'll [G G]marry [Am Am]you.

Uke tab by , 29 Oct 2009

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