Wait So Long Uke tab by Trampled By Turtles

4 Chords used in the song :

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F chordF C chordC G chordG Am chordAm
F chordF C chordC
i xxxxx never xxxxxxx i xxxxx love xxx
G chordG Am chordAm
you xxxxx never xxxxxxx that xxx your xxx
thats xxxxxxx the xxx that x want xx
thats xxxxxxx the xxx that x am
and xxxxxx call xx in xxx mornin xxxx your xxxxxxxx
takin xx downtown xxxxx night
i xxxxx never xxxxx the xxxxx at xxxxx above xx
got xx hands xx the xxxxxx cuz xxx know xxx right

you xxxx so xxxx

its x coffe xxxxx on xxxxx every xxxx it xxxxxxx
laugh xx up xxxxx it xxxxx that xxx
and xxx after xxxxxxx rose xx recognition
like xxxx other xxxxxx that x had
then xxxx feelin xxxxx down xx winamuck
you xxxx to xxxx knees xxx you xxxx to xxx lord
then xxx take x poke xx the xxxxxxxxxxx
nothing xxxxxxx in xxxx burnt xxx town xxxxxxx

you xxxx so xxxx

and xxxx heart xxxxx on xxxx a xxxxxx freight xxxxx
you xxxx that xxxx help xxx if x can
but xxx just x raindrop xx a xxxxx
just xx itty xxxxx grain xx sand
and xxx know xxxx i'm xxxx to xxxxxx this
with xxx the xxx habits xxxx i xxxxxxx
but xxx better xxxx your xxxxx fornication
and xxx the xxxxx money xxxx you xxxxxx

you xxxx so xxxx
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