Fast Car Intro Uke tab by Tracy Chapman

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Album:  unknown
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#Hey everyone! This is my first tab at ukelele! I was playing around when i found a 
# sound that reminded me of the inro of my favorite song in all times, fast car.

a -2-3-2-5-5---10-10-9-9------2-3-2-5-5---10-10-9-9------|
e -----------3-----------7---------------3----------7----|
c -------------------------------------------------------|
g -------------------------------------------------------|

# If you know anything that make it sound better, or you have any ideas of the chords
# used in the rest of the song plese e-mail me at [email protected], i love
# this song really much and in would be nice of u to help me learn to play it :)

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Uke tab by , 27 Jul 2010

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