Lady Madonna Uke tab by The Beatles

12 Chords used in the song: C, Gaug, C7add9, A, D, F, G, Dm, Am, Em7, B7, E

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Year:  2000
Key: unknownChords
[C C]You've got a [Gaug Gaug]friend in [C C]me [C7add9 C7add9] 
[A A] [D D] [F F] [G G] [C C] [Dm Dm] [Am Am] [Em7 Em7] [B7 B7] [E E] [A A] Lady Ma[D D]donna [A A] children at your [D D] feet
[A A] Wonder how you [D D] manage to [F F]make [G G]ends [A A] meet.
[A A] Who finds the [D D] money [A A] when you pay the [D D] rent?
[A A] Did you think that [D D] money was [F F]hea[G G]ven [A A] sent?

[Dm Dm]Friday night arrives without a [G G]suitcase
[C C] Sunday morning creeping like a [Am Am] nun
[Dm Dm]Mondays child has learned to tie his [G G] bootlace.
[C C] See [Em7 Em7] how they [B7 B7]run. [E E]

[A A] Lady Ma[D D]donna [A A] baby at your[D D] breast
[A A] Wonder how you [D D] manage to[F F]feed [G G]the [A A]rest.


[A A] [D D] [A A] [D D] [A A] [D D] [F F] [G G] [A A]

(Hum or kazoo chorus)
[Dm Dm] [G G]
[C C] [Am Am]
[Dm Dm] [G G]
[C C] See [Em7 Em7] how they [B7 B7]run. [E E]

[A A] Lady Ma[D D]donna [A A] lying on the [D D]bed
[A A] Listen to the [D D]music playing [F F]in [G G] your [A A] head.


[A A] [D D] [A A] [D D] [A A] [D D] [F F] [G G] [A A]

[Dm Dm]Tuesday afternoon is never [G G] ending
[C C] Wedn

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About this song: Lady Madonna

"Lady Madonna" is a song by The Beatles credited to Lennon/McCartney. In March 1968, it was released as a single, backed with "The Inner Light". The song was recorded at Abbey Road Studios during sessions on 3 February and 6 February 1968 before the Beatles left for India. This single was the last release by the band on Parlophone in the UK, where it reached number one, and Capitol Records in the U.S., where it reached number four.

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