In My Life Uke tab by The Beatles

8 Chords used in the song: A, E, F#m, A7, D, Dm, D7, Bm

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Year:  1965
Key: unknownChords
There are places I'll remember  
A A E E F#m F#m A7 A7
All my life though some have changed
D D Dm Dm A A A A
Some for ever not for better
A A E E F#m F#m D7 D7
Some have gone, and some remain.
D D Dm Dm A A
All these places have their moments
F#m F#m Bm Bm
With lovers and friends, I still can recall
Some are dead and some are living
F#m F#m Bm Bm
In my life, I've loved them all
D D Dm Dm A A

{Repeat main riff, and continue as verse above}

But of all these friends and lovers
There is no one compared with you
And these memories lose their meaning
When I think of love as something new
Thought I know I'll never lose affection
For people and things that went before
I know I'll often stop and think about them
In my life I'll love you more
In my life I'll love you more

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