Honey Pie Uke tab by The Beatles

15 Chords used in the song :

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Song xxxxx PIE
Artist xxx BEATLES
Album xxx WHITE xxxxx
Tabbed By: Nadjadee

Tuning G chordG-C chordC-E chordE-A chordA

Am - 2000
D6* - 2020
Dm chordDm x 1
Fm chordFm x 1 xx
C - 0003
D7 chordD7 x 3
G7 chordG7 x 1
Ab7 x 13 x
A7 chordA7 x 1
G - 0232
B - 4322
Bb chordBb x 3 xx
F - 2010

[AmAm] She [DD] was x [DmDm] working xxxx
[FmFm] North xx xxxxxxx xxx [CC]
[AmAm] Now xxxxx [DD] in xxx xxx [DmDm] time
[FmFm] In xxx x x [CC] [AA]
[D7D7] And xx xxx xxxxx xxxx xxxx xx
[G7G7] This xx xxxx xxx xxx

Riff A chordA

[CC] Honey xxx
You xxx xxxxxx xx [Ab7Ab7] crazy
[A7A7] I'm xx xxxx xxx xxx [D7D7] lazy
[GG] So xxxxx xxx xxxxxx xxxx [CC] home

[G7G7] Oh [CC] honey xxx
My xxxxxxxx xx [Ab7Ab7] tragic
[A7A7] Come xxx xxxx xx xxx [D7D7] magic
[GG] Of xxxx xxxxxxxxx [CC] song

[AmAm] You xxxxxx x [GG] legend xx xxx [CC] silver xxxxxx
And xxx xxx [FF] thought xx xxxxxxx xxx
[A7A7] Makes xx xxxx xx xxx [DmDm] knee
[G7G7] T-T-Tee

[G7G7] Oh [CC] honey xxx
You xxx xxxxxxx xx [Ab7Ab7] frantic
[A7A7] Sail xxxxxx xxx xx [D7D7] lantic
[GG] To xxxxx xxx xx [CC] long

Honey [Ab7Ab7] pie xxxx [G7G7] back xx xx

[AmAm] Will xxx xxxx xxxx xxxx [GG] her xxxx xxxxxx [CC] the xxx
[FF] Kindly xxxx xxx
[A7A7] Sailing xxxx xx [DmDm] me
[G7G7] T-T-Tee

[G7G7] Now [CC] honey xxx
You xxx xxxxxx xx [Ab7Ab7] crazy
[A7A7] I'm xx xxxx xxx xxx xx [D7D7] zy
[GG] So xxxxx xxx xxxxxx xxxx xxxx [CC]

[CC] Come xxxx xxxx xx [Ab7Ab7] me xxxxx [G7G7] pie
Ha [CC] ha xx
[Ab7Ab7] [A7A7] [G7G7] Honey xxx xxxxx [CC] pie

end xx [CC]

Hope xxx Enjoy
Nadja xxx Witherbee
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