Honey Pie Uke tab by The Beatles

15 Chords used in the song: G, C, E, A, Am, D6, Dm, Fm, D7, G7, Ab7, A7, B, Bb, F

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Tabbed By: Nadjadee

Tuning G G-C C-E E-A A

Am - 2000
D6* - 2020
Dm - 2210
Fm - 1013
C - 0003
D7 - 2223
G7 - 0212
Ab7 - 1323
A7 - 0100
G - 0232
B - 4322
Bb - 3211
F - 2010

[Am Am] She [D6 D6*] was a [Dm Dm] working girl
[Fm Fm] North of England way [C C]
[Am Am] Now she's [D6 D6*] in the big [Dm Dm] time
[Fm Fm] In the U S [C C] A A
[D7 D7] And if she could only hear me
[G7 G7] This is what I'd say

Riff A A

[C C] Honey pie
You are making me [Ab7 Ab7] crazy
[A7 A7] I'm in love but I'm [D7 D7] lazy
[G G] So won't you please come [C C] home
[Ab7 Ab7][G7 G7]

[G7 G7] Oh [C C] honey pie
My position is [Ab7 Ab7] tragic
[A7 A7] Come and show me the [D7 D7] magic
[G G] Of your Hollywood [C C] song
[B B][Bb Bb]

[Am Am] You became a [G G] legend of the [C C] silver screen
And now the [F F] thought of meeting you
[A7 A7] Makes me weak in the [Dm Dm] knee
[G7 G7] T-T-Tee

[G7 G7] Oh [C C] honey pie
You are driving me [Ab7 Ab7] frantic
[A7 A7] Sail across the At[D7 D7]lantic
[G G] To where you be[C C]long
[B B][Bb Bb]

Honey [Ab7 Ab7] pie come [G7 G7] back to me
[C C][Ab7 Ab7][A7 A7][D7 D7][G7 G7][C C][Ab7 Ab7][G7 G7]
[C C][Ab7 Ab7][A7 A7][D7 D7][G7 G7][C C]
[B B][Bb Bb]

[Am Am] Will the wind that blew [G G] her boat across [C C] the sea
[F F] Kindly send her
[A7 A7] Sailing back to [Dm Dm] me
[G7 G7] T-T-Tee

[G7 G7] Now [C C] honey pie
You are making me [Ab7 Ab7] crazy
[A7 A7] I'm in love but I'm la[D7 D7]zy
[G G] So won't you please come home [C C]

[C C] Come come back to [Ab7 Ab7] me honey [G7 G7] pie
Ha [C C] ha ha
[Ab7 Ab7][A7 A7][G7 G7] Honey Pie honey [C C] pie
[Ab7 Ab7][A7 A7][C C]

end on [C C]

Hope You Enjoy!
Nadja Dee Witherbee
[email protected]


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aniii avatar
flag for CA(ISO2) (Toronto)
awesome! this is perfect :)
15 Apr 2012
numero19 avatar
flag for TH(ISO2) (bangkok)
Cool Thanks
27 Jul 2009
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