Overjoyed Uke tab by Stevie Wonder

19 Chords used in the song: F, Dm7, Gm7, C7, Dm, G, A, D, Am7, C, G7, Bbmaj7, Eb6, D7, Cmaj7, Gm, C7sus4, D7sus4, Ab

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Year:  1985
Key: unknownChords
Over [F F] time...
I've been [Dm7 Dm7] building my castle of [Gm7 Gm7] love [C7 C7]
Just for [F F] two...
Though you [Dm Dm] never knew you were my [G G] rea- [A A]son
I've [D D] gone much too far for [A A] you now to say
That [Am7 Am7] I've got to [G G] throw my [C C] castle away
Over [F F] dreams...
I have [Dm7 Dm7] picked out a perfect come [Gm7 Gm7] true [C7 C7]
Though you [F F] never knew [Dm Dm] it
was of you I've been [G G] dream-[A A]ing
The [D D] sandman has come from [A A] too far away
For [Am7 Am7] you to say [G7 G7] come back [C C] some other day
And though you don't be-[Bbmaj7 Bbmaj7]lieve that they [Gm7 Gm7] do
[F F] they do come true
[Gm7 Gm7] for did my [C7 C7] dreams
come true when [Eb6 Eb6] I looked at [D7 D7] you
And maybe too if [Cmaj7 Cmaj7] you would be-[Am7 Am7]lieve
[G G] You too might [C C] be over[Gm Gm]joyed
Over [C7sus C7sus]love, o-ver [C7 C7] me

Over [F F] hearts...
I have [Dm7 Dm7] painfully turned every [Gm7 Gm7] stone [C7 C7]
Just to [F F] find...
I had [Dm Dm] found what I've searched to dis- [G G]cov- [A A]er
I've [D D] come much too far for [A A] me now to find
The [Am7 Am7] love that I [G G] sought can [C C] never be mine
And though the odds say [Bbmaj7 Bbmaj7] im-prob-a- [Gm7 Gm7]ble
[F F] what do they know
[Gm7 Gm7] For in ro-[C7 C7]mance
all true love [Eb6 Eb6] needs is a [D7 D7] chance
And maybe with a [Cmaj7 Cmaj7] chance you will [Am7 Am7] find
[G G] you too like [C C] I
Over-[G G]joyed, over [D7sus D7sus] love, [D7 D7] over [G G] you
[Ab Ab] [C7sus C7sus] [C7 C7] over [F F] you

Uke tab by , 25 Nov 2009

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good chords, it sounded great. when i played the D, it didnt sound right, i played G and it sounded a alil better, just my opinion
28 Nov 2011

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