Higher Ground Uke tab by Stevie Wonder

6 Chords used in the song: A, Em, Em7, F#m, B7, G

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Year:  1973
Key: D, BmChords
Verse (Part 1): Em Em - G G - A A (x8)

Verse (Part 2): F#m F#m - A A - B B (x4)

Chorus: A A - Em Em - *Em7 Em7 (x3)
F#m F#m - B7 B7
Em Em - G G - A A

# *Optional

Uke tab by , 29 Jul 2010

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About this song: Higher Ground

After Stevie was injured in a near-fatal car accident that subsequently resulted in the loss of his sense of smell, he fell into a coma. His manager hummed the melody to this song into his ear, and Stevie moved his fingers along with the music, the first sign of consciousness he exhibited after the accident. According to the Higher Ground Songfacts, guided by a mix of Christian morality and astrological mysticism, Wonder believed he was writing a

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