The Fun Song Uke tab by Spongebob Squarepants

3 Chords used in the song: D, G, A7

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Album:  unknown
Key: D, BmChords
(D D)"F F" is for friends who (G G) Do stuff together 
(D D)"U" is for you and (A7 A7)me
(D D)"N" is for any where and (G G) anytime at all
Down (D D) here in the (A7 A7) Deep Blue (G G) Sea

And it repeats throughout the song in that order

Uke tab by , 29 Aug 2009

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TheRealPorby avatar
I think that first A7 should be a A
25 Aug 2022
AveryJC2003 avatar
flag for US(ISO2) (Fayetteville GA)
Does anyone know whether or not you can substitute anything for the D chord, it is easy to play, I just don't like playing it.
13 Sep 2018
sounded really good until the last 2 chords played. haha fun song choice though.
31 Aug 2009

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