The Beard Song Uke tab by Sophie Madeleine

6 Chords used in the song: D, D7, G, G2, Cdim, A

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Album:  unknown
Key: unknownChords
D D D7 D7 G G G2 G2 D D Cdim Cdim G G A A

D D D7 D7
There are xxxxxx xxxx xxxxx xxxx to your toes
G G G2 G2
xx beards that xxxx xxxxx up your nose
D D Cdim Cdim
They're xxxxx xxxxxxxxxx I suppose
I think x xxx xxxx beard the most
D D D7 D7
Well some xxx xxx xxx some are small
G G G2 G2
And xxxx xxx xxx'x xxxx one at all
D D Cdim Cdim
My grandma xxx xxx I recall,
But Ladies xxxxxx xxxx'x beautiful
G G D D Cdim Cdim D7 D7
Well just xxx xxxxx xx x xxxxx xxx xxxx x frown
G G D D Cdim Cdim D7 D7
Naked chins xxxx xxxxx xx xxxxxxx down
G G G2 G2
Oh xx xxxx xxxxx xxx mine to kiss
D D Cdim Cdim
I xxxx xxx'x xxxx I could resist
And lately xxxx'x xxx x'xx xxxx dreaming of
G G D D D7 D7
All great men xxx'xx been xxxxxxx
G G G2 G2
Have facial xxxx xxxx ear xx xxxx
D D Cdim Cdim
And even xxxxxx it's hard xx xxxx
G G G2 G2
I think x xxxx love you for your beard
D D D7 D7 G G G2 G2

Uke tab by , 31 May 2011

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