Don't Bother Uke tab by Shakira

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Chorus: G chordG D chordD Am chordAm C chordC Cm chordCm
Verse: em C chordC Am chordAm C chordC

em C chordC
She's got the kind of look that defies gravity
Am chordAm C chordC
She's the perfect cook and she's fat-free
She's been to private school and she speaks
Am chordAm
perfect French She's got her perfect friends
C chordC
oh isn't she cool
emC chordC
She practices Tai Chi she'd never lose her nerve
Am chordAm C chordC
She's more than you deserve oh she's just far

better than me hey hey

G chordG D chordD Am chordAm C chordC
So don't bother I won't die of deception
G chordG D chordD Am chordAm C chordC
Promise you won't ever see me cry
G chordG D chordD Am chordAm C chordC
So don't bother I'll be fine but she's waiting
G chordG D chordD Am chordAm C chordC
The ring you gave to her will lose it's shine
Cm chordCm
So don't bother be unkind

I bet she doesn't know how to touch you like I would
I beat her at that one good don't you think so
She's almost six feet tall she must think I'm a flea
I'm really a cat you see and this is not my last life at all


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About this song

"Don't Bother" is the first single released from Shakira's second English language studio album, Oral Fixation Vol. 2 (2005) The lyrics of the song describe a woman who has been left by her boyfriend for another girl that is unbelievably superior in almost all aspects. She tells him not to bother making up for hurting her, because she will not be crying for him; instead, she will move on with her own life. Although, these expressions may be ironic when she says: "Don't Bother, be unkind."