Good Little Girl Uke tab by Rusty Clanton

9 Chords used in the song: C, Am, F, G, C7, Gdim7, Dm7, G#7, G7

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Album:  unknown
Key: unknownChords
C C               Am Am
Good little girl
F F                        G G
Always pickin' a fight with me
       C C                    Am Am
You know that I'm bad
       F F                              G G
But you're spending the night with me
C C                   C7 C7                  F F              G G
What do you want with my world? 
                                   C C     Gdim7 Gdim7      Dm7 Dm7      G#7 G#7 G7 G7
You're a good little girl.

 C C               Am Am
Bad little boy
F F                            G G
That's what you're acting like
C C                 Am Am
I really don't buy
F F                                    G G
That you're that kind of guy
C C                   C7 C7            F F              G G
But oh if you are tell me why
                                      C C     Gdim7 Gdim7      Dm7 Dm7      G#7 G#7 G7 G7
why not just say good bye?

 C C               Am Am
Good little girl
F F                          G G
you've stolen my heart away
C C                    Am Am
i like how you smile
       F F                      G G
and make fun of the words i say
C C                          C7 C7                   F F              G G
who would have thought i could fall
                                    C C
it's not so bad after all.

Uke tab by , 19 May 2013

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