Shining Through / Steven Universe Uke tab by Rebecca Sugar

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chors with '*' must be played while barring the 4th fret

C chordC C7 chordC7 Am chordAm G chordG
Ooh why so blue
F chordF Am chordAm F chordF
So many shades of sorrow got mixed into my
G chordG
Am chordAm C7 chordC7
And each new moment just astounds me
C7 chordC7 F chordF
So much I wanna do
F chordF Fm chordFm C chordC
I finally feel my color shining through

F chordF
I'm tired of the fighting
G7 chordG7
I'm tired of the blame
E7 chordE7
That mirror was a prison
C chordC C7 chordC7
And fusion was the same
F chordF
What's with these new sensations
G7 chordG7
That suddenly appear
E7 chordE7
Deep as the roaring ocean
*C *C7
Free as the atmosphere

*C *Cmaj7 *Am *G
Ooh why so blue
*F *Am
So many different reasons
*F *G7 *E7
But are they really true
*Am *C7
I wanna keep on going wanna be right here
with you
*F *Fm *C *C7
I'd love to see your color shining through
*F *Fm *Cmaj7
I'd love to see your color shining through


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