Lucky Uke tab by Radiohead

10 Chords used in the song :

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Em Ukulele chord Am Ukulele chord G Ukulele chord Bm Ukulele chord C Ukulele chord C7 Ukulele chord B7 Ukulele chord G7 Ukulele chord G7M Ukulele chord G5 Ukulele chord
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About this song

From Ed's sweet, tingling, opening riff, the rest of "Lucky" was generated. "I remember fiddling around in the sound check," he says. " were in Japan- and putting together a different pedal order and actually hitting the strings above the nut on the headstock. The pedals that I did it with, and the delay that was going on. It was one of those moments -'Yeah, this is pretty cool'" From here, "Lucky" was made into what the band considers a "happy" song, or at least as happy a song as they are capable of creating.

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