OK Computer by Radiohead

Uke tabs from OK Computer

chr8 Exit Music (for A Film)chr6 No Surpriseschr10 Paranoid Androidchr9 Karma Policechr5 Climbing Up The Wallschr8 The Touristmix8 No Surprisesmix9 Luckymix8 Let Downchr10 Exit Music (for A Film)mix? Paranoid Androidchr9 Paranoid Androidmix8 No Surprisestab7 No Surpriseschr9 Climbing Up The Wallschr7 Paranoid Androidmix9 No Surpriseschr7 Karma Policemix9 No Surprisesmix8 No Surprisesmix? Karma Policetab6 No Surpriseschr?Exit Music (for A Film) [ Rate ]

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