Phineas And Ferb Opening Theme Song Uke tab by Phineas And Ferb

7 Chords used in the song: Ab, C, G, Bb, F, Eb, F#

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Album:  unknown
Key: unknownChords
Ab                  C-7     G
xxxxxx xxx xxxx xx summer xxxxxxxx
Bb Bb F F Ab Ab
xxx school xxxxx xxxxx just xx xxx xx
Ab Ab C C G G
So xxx xxxxxx xxxxxx for xxx generation
Bb Bb Eb Eb
xx xxxxxxx x xxxx xxx to spend it

xxx xxxxx...

Ab Ab
Building x xxxxxx xx fighting x xxxxx
Bb Bb
Or xxxxxxxx xx xxx xxxxxx Tower

Eb Eb
Discovering xxxxxxxxx xxxx xxxxxx exist
Ab Ab Ab Ab G G F# F# F F
Or xxxxxx x xxxxxx x xxxxxx

Surfing xxxxx xxxxx, xxxxxxxx nanobots

Bb Bb G G
Or xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxx

Finding x xxxx xxxx, xxxxxxxx x continent

Eb Eb
Or xxxxxxx xxxx xxxxxx insane

Ab Ab
As xxx xxx xxx xxxxxx x whole xxx xx xxxxx xx xx

Bb Bb
Before xxxxxx xxxxxx xxxx fall

Ab Ab F# F# F F
So xxxxx xxxx xx xxxxx Phineas xxx xxxx
Bb Bb Eb Eb F F Ab Ab
Are xxxxx xx xx all!

Uke tab by , 16 Apr 2011

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iamajeya avatar
Good job with the chords but I think the ending could use some work... Good job tho! :D
03 Feb 2012
JamieHasAUke avatar
flag for IE(ISO2) (Dublin)
automatically rejecting because the artist is Labeled as Phineas and Ferb, when the art is Bowling Four Soup.
16 Apr 2011
chilld avatar
flag for NZ(ISO2) (auckland)
16 Apr 2011

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