Bitch Lasagna Uke tab by PewDiePie

Ukulele Tab without chords.

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perchicoree avatar
looking back on this, I am saddened by the hope that we had for an accomplishment unachieved.
13 Nov 2019
katylover15 avatar
I review this 5 burgers out of 5 green pewdiepies.
02 Apr 2019
mariww avatar
27 Mar 2019
ukerat avatar
flag for US(ISO2) (Summerland Key)
thanks Kanye, very cool
11 Mar 2019
Sterlo_ avatar
flag for US(ISO2) (hell)
WOE! this is better than mine!
07 Mar 2019
sphere avatar
for people asking how to read tabs, the letters on the sides correspond the the strings on your uke. the numbers represent what fret your finger goes on. so if it says 1 on E, your finger goes on the first fret on the e string. get it?
03 Mar 2019
Yesik avatar
flag for AR(ISO2) (Monte Caseros)
and for reading tabs you could see a video, its hard to explain if im writing
27 Feb 2019
Yesik avatar
flag for AR(ISO2) (Monte Caseros)
thank you guys for all the comments! brofist
27 Feb 2019
smol_uke avatar
how do you read tabs?
22 Feb 2019
Vilenin avatar
flag for RU(ISO2) (Pyatigorsk)
18 Feb 2019
Bocu44 avatar
flag for US(ISO2) (Allentown)
Okay, now this is epic
12 Feb 2019
ariannareeves avatar
the nine year old army will find victory
11 Feb 2019
Jeremiahci avatar
flag for US(ISO2) (Hazard ky)
Subscribe to pewdiepie
03 Feb 2019
FennaUkelele avatar
flag for NL(ISO2) (Zeewolde)
this is epic
23 Jan 2019
Melanietjuh avatar
Great work soldier, thanks for doing your part! Bro fist
15 Dec 2018
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