Trouble Uke tab by Nevershoutnever

3 Chords used in the song: Bb, Eb, F

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Album:  unknown
Key: Bb, GmChords
Verse 1

Bb Bb
i'm in trouble i'm an addict, i'm addicted to this girl
Eb Eb
she's got my heart tid in a knot, and my stomach in a whirl
Bb Bb
but even worse i can't stop calling her, she's all i want and more
Eb Eb F F
i mean damn, what's not to adore

Verse 2

Bb Bb
i've been playing too mucg geetar, i've been listening to jazz
Eb Eb
i call so many times, i swear she's going mad
Bb Bb Eb Eb F F
and that cellular will be the death of us i swear, i swear


Bb Bb Eb Eb
and oh uh oh uh oh uh ohh, oooh ooh ooh ooh ooh
Bb Bb Eb Eb F F
im running my mouth just like i got her, but i surely don't
Bb Bb Eb Eb
because she's so uh oh uh oh uh ohh, rock and roll
Bb Bb
and out of my leugue
Eb Eb F F Bb Bb
is she out of my leugue, let's hope not

Verse 3

Bb Bb
im in trouble, im so cliched, see that word just wears me out
Eb Eb
makes me feel like just another boy, to laugh and joke about
Bb Bb
but even worse i can't stop calling her, i love to hear that voice
Eb Eb F F
and honestly im left with no choice

Verse 2


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Uke tab by , 22 Aug 2009

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JasRig avatar
Awesome! FYI, I use the strumming pattern D DU UDU for the chorus.
23 Jan 2018
Strumming pattern
Deleted account
*perfect* ♥
22 Jan 2011
DanniRae avatar
flag for US(ISO2) (Quinlan)
finaly the right chords:)
16 Feb 2010
snackbite avatar
Umm its mute stumming on the start of the chorus. btw.
30 Dec 2009
MuggleBorn avatar
flag for US(ISO2) (Detriot)
01 Dec 2009
ensane avatar
flag for US(ISO2) (CHI_TOWN)
Exactly like the song!
25 Nov 2009

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