Mack The Knife Uke tab by Kurt Weill and Bertolt Brecht

4 Chords used in the song: C, Dm, G7, Am

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Year:  2015
Key: C, AmChords
Oh, the (C C)shark, babe, has sharp (Dm Dm)teeth, dear,
and he (G7 G7)shows them pearly (C C)white.
Just a (Am Am)jack-knife has old Mac-(Dm Dm)heath, babe,
and he (G7 G7)keeps it out of (C C)sight.

You know that (C C)shark bites with his (Dm Dm)teeth, babe,
scarlet (G7 G7)billows start to (C C)spread.
Fancy (Am Am)gloves, though, wears Mac(Dm Dm)heath, babe,
so there?s (G7 G7)never, never trace of (C C)red.

Now on the (C C)sidewalk, oh, Sunday (Dm Dm)morning,
lies a (G7 G7)body just a-oozing (C C)life.
Yeah, someone?s (Am Am)sneaking round the (Dm Dm)corner,
could that (G7 G7)someone be Mack The (C C)Knife?

Now you (C C)hear about Louie (Dm Dm)Miller,
he disap(G7 G7)peared babe, after drawing (C C)cash.
And now (Am Am)Mac-heath spends just like a (Dm Dm)sailor,
would it be our (G7 G7)boy does something (C C)rash ?

Now, Jenny (C C)Diver, yeah, Surkey Taw(Dm Dm)dry,
Polly (G7 G7)Peachum and old Lucy (C C)Brown.
Oh, the (Am Am)line forms on the (Dm Dm)right, babe,
now that (G7 G7)Mackie?s back in (C C)town.

And the (C C)ghastly fire in (Dm Dm)Soho,
Seven (G7 G7)children at a (C C)go-
In the (Am Am)crowd stands Mack the (Dm Dm)knife, but
He's not (G7 G7)asked and doesn't (C C)know.

And the (C C)child bride in her (Dm Dm)nightie,
Whose (G7 G7)assailant's still at (C C)large
Vio(Am Am)lated in her (Dm Dm)slumbers-
Mackie (G7 G7)how much did you (C C)charge?

Repeat verse 1

Uke tab by , 09 Feb 2010

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