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G chordG D chordD
Happy birthday to you
D chordD G chordG
Happy birthday to you
G chordG D chordD C chordC
Happy birthday to dear name
C chordC G chordG D chordD G chordG
Happy birthday to you


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JaniFrog avatar
22 Aug 2019
Chester_Sam avatar
Does anyone know the strumming pattern? I tried DDU UDU (very slowly) but its not so good.
21 Jul 2019
AM42270 avatar
strumming pattern
17 Jun 2019
Sanchous_the_cat avatar
i love it!
05 Feb 2019
DodieUrie avatar
I liked it best down 2 half steps!
05 Aug 2018
Emilyflorie avatar
flag for ID(ISO2) (Jakarta Barat)
happy birthday to you
A. D
happy birthday to you
D. G. A
happy birthday dear name
G. A. D
happy birthday to you

this is better
23 Dec 2016
music4ever avatar
yes yes it is happy birthday :) just played it twice and it is really happy birthday !
07 Jul 2012
MikeTheTrike avatar
This is not Happy Birthday to You! :(
30 Jun 2012
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