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G chordG D chordD
Happy birthday to you
D chordD G chordG
Happy birthday to you
G chordG D chordD C chordC
Happy birthday to dear name
C chordC G chordG D chordD G chordG
Happy birthday to you


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jlew7919 avatar
flag for US(ISO2) (Indianapolis)
doesn't sound right?
16 Apr 2020
GracieHainer avatar
my besties bday is soon so this is perfect for her
10 Apr 2020
Camipeco avatar
25 Feb 2020
JaniFrog avatar
22 Aug 2019
Chester_Sam avatar
Does anyone know the strumming pattern? I tried DDU UDU (very slowly) but its not so good.
21 Jul 2019
AM42270 avatar
strumming pattern
17 Jun 2019
Sanchous_the_cat avatar
i love it!
05 Feb 2019
DodieUrie avatar
I liked it best down 2 half steps!
05 Aug 2018
Emilyflorie avatar
flag for ID(ISO2) (Jakarta Barat)
happy birthday to you
A. D
happy birthday to you
D. G. A
happy birthday dear name
G. A. D
happy birthday to you

this is better
23 Dec 2016
music4ever avatar
yes yes it is happy birthday :) just played it twice and it is really happy birthday !
07 Jul 2012
MikeTheTrike avatar
This is not Happy Birthday to You! :(
30 Jun 2012
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