Down There By The Train Uke tab by Johnny Cash

5 Chords used in the song: C, F, G7, C7, G

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Year:  2003
Key: C, AmChords
(C C)There's a place I know where the (F F)train goes (C C)slow
Where the sinner can be washed in the (F F)blood of the (G7 G7)lamb
There's a (C C)river by the (C7 C7)trestle down by (F F)Sinner's Grove
Down where the (C C)willow and the (G7 G7)dogwood (F F)grow (C C)
You can (F F)hear the whist(C C)le, (F F)you can hear the (C C)bell
From the halls of (C7 C7)heaven to the (F F)gates of (G7 G7)hell
And there's (F F)room for the for(C C)saken if you're there on (F F)time
You'll be (C C)washed of all your (C7 C7)sins and (F F)all of your crimes

If you're (C C)down there by the train
(G7 G7)Down there by the train
(C C)Down there by the train
(F F)Down there by the train
(C C)Down there where the (G7 G7)train goes (C C)slow

(C C)There's a golden (C7 C7)moon that (F F)shines up through the (C C)mist
And I know that your (C7 C7)name (F F)can be on that (G G)list
There's no (C C)eye for an eye(C7 C7), there's no (F F)tooth for a tooth
I saw (C C)Judas Iscariot carrying (G7 G7)John Wilkes (F F)Booth

Chorus: He was...

(C C)If you've lost all your (C7 C7)hope, if you've (F F)lost all your (C C)faith
I know you can be (C7 C7)cared for and I (F F)know you can be (G G)safe
And (C C)all the (C7 C7)shamefuls (F F)and all of the whores
And (C C)even the soldier who pierced the (G7 G7)side of the (F F)Lord

Uke tab by , 11 Feb 2010

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