It's Now Or Never Uke tab by Elvis Presley

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E chordE F#m chordF#m
1 It's now or never come hold me tight
B7 chordB7 E chordE
Kiss me my darling be mine tonight
Am chordAm E chordE B7 chordB7
Tomorrow will be too late it's now or never
E chordE
My love won't wait

E chordE F#m chordF#m
When I first saw you with your smile so tender
B7 chordB7 E chordE
My heart was captured my soul surrendered
E chordE F#m chordF#m
I'd spend a lifetime waiting for the right time
E chordE B7 chordB7 E chordE
Now that your near the time is here at last

1 It's now or

Just like a willow we would cry an ocean
If we lost true love and sweet devotion
Your lips excite me let your arms invite me
For who knows when we'll meet again this way

1 It's now or


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About this song

(From the It's Now Or Never Songfacts) American audio engineer Bill Porter recalled one particular session with Elvis on April 3-4 1960: "Elvis was having trouble with 'It's Now or Never' because he basically sang in the baritone range, and the end was in the tenor range. We recorded this song for at least seven or eight takes. At one point, I finally pushed the talkback button and said, 'EP, we can just do the ending. I can splice it on without doing the song all the way through again'.