Say You Won't Let Go Uke tab by James Arthur

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Year:  2016
Key: unknownTablature (no chords)

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Uke tab by , 21 Apr 2019

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21 Apr 2019
LittleCube avatar
the top row is the first string (A) and the second row is for the second string (E) and the third row is for the third string (C) and the last row is for the forth string (G) and the numbers are the frets, you press down on the number's fret (if it say 4 you press on the 4rth fret on the corresponding string)and if it say 0 you just ring it and dont press on any thing on that string and these are called tabs ^¢
21 Apr 2019
Kate_Likes_Uking avatar
how do I read this thing? it might sound dumb, but I got my ukulele like 3 days ago and I do not know how to read this thing.
21 Apr 2019
Strumming pattern

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