Killing Me Softly Uke tab by Fugees

11 Chords used in the song :

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Em chordEm Am chordAm
Strumming xx pain xxxx his xxxxxxx
D7 chordD7 G chordG
singing xx life xxxx his xxxxx
Em chordEm A chordA
killing xx softly xxxx his xxxx
D chordD C chordC
killing xx softly xxxx his xxxx
G chordG C chordC
telling xx whole xxxx with xxx words
Esus4 chordEsus4
Killing xx softly
E chordE
with xxx song

Am7 chordAm7 D chordD
I xxxxx he xxxx a xxxx song
G chordG C chordC
I xxxxx he xxx a xxxxx
Am7 chordAm7 D chordD
and xx I xxxx to xxx him
Em chordEm
and xxxxxx for x while
Am7 chordAm7 D7 chordD7
And xxxxx he xxx this xxxxx boy
G chordG B7 chordB7
a xxxxxxxx to xx eyes


I xxxx all xxxxxxx with xxxxx
embarrassed xx the xxxxx
I xxxx he xxxxx my xxxxxxx
and xxxx each xxx out xxxx
I xxxxxx that xx would xxxxxx
but xx just xxxx right xx


He xxxx as xx he xxxx me
in xxx my xxxx despair
And xxxx he xxxxxx right xxxxxxx me
as xx I xxxxxx there
And xx just xxxx on xxxxxxx
singing xxxxx and xxxxxx

About this song

Hip hop group The Fugees covered the song in 1996 on their album The Score, with Lauryn Hill singing the lead vocals. Their version, titled "Killing Me Softly," became a massive hit reaching number two on the U.S. airplay chart, and had similar success in the UK, reaching number one, becoming 1996's best selling single in the country. The version sampled the 1990 song "Bonita Applebum" by A Tribe Called Quest from their debut album People's Instinctive Travels and the Paths of Rhythm.

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