Go Your Own Way Uke tab by Fleetwood Mac

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[FF] Loving xxx xxxxx xxx xxxxx xxxxx xx xx [CC]
[BbBb] How xxx x xxxx xxxxxx xxxxxx xxxx x xxxx [FF] [Fsus9Fsus9]

[FF] If x xxxxx xxxxx xxx xxxx xxx xx xxxxx [CC]
[BbBb] How xxx x xxxx xxx xxxxx xxxx xx xxxx xx [FF] [Fsus9Fsus9]

[DmDm] You xxx [BbBb] go xxxx xxx [CC] way xx xxxx xxx xxx
[DmDm] You xxx [BbBb] call xx xx [CC] other xxxxxx xxx xxxxxxx xxxxxx xxx
[DmDm] You xxx [BbBb] go xxxx xxx [CC] way xx xxxx xxx xxx

Tell me why Everything turned around
Packing up Shacking up is all you wanna do

If I could Baby I'd give you my world
Open up Everything's waiting for you


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The chords work well, but try reviewing this website's rules for posting chords! Never xxxx out the lyrics on your own, and try putting the chord name on a line above the lyric for more accurate placing!
20 Jan 2018
About this song

"Go Your Own Way" is a song written by Lindsey Buckingham and performed by Fleetwood Mac. It is one of the band's most enduring hits. It was the first single to be released from the highly successful album, Rumours, which was to be released in February 1977 and peaked at number ten on the Billboard Hot 100. It is ranked #119 on Rolling Stone's list of the 500 Greatest Songs of All Time, one of the group's two entries along with "Rhiannon (Will You Ever Win)", and is on The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame's 500 Songs that Shaped Rock and Roll list.