Go Your Own Way Tab par Fleetwood Mac

5 Accords utilisés dans la chanson: F, C, Bb, Dm, Fsus9

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[F F]Loving you Isn't the right thing to do [C C]
[Bb Bb]How can I ever change things That I feel[F F] [Fsus9 Fsus9]

[F F]If I could Maybe I'd give you my world [C C]
[Bb Bb]How can I When you won't take it from me[F F] [Fsus9 Fsus9]

[Dm Dm]You can [Bb Bb]go your own [C C]way (Go your own way)
[Dm Dm]You can [Bb Bb]call it an[C C]other lonely day (Another lonely day)
[Dm Dm]You can [Bb Bb]go your own [C C]way (Go your own way)

Tell me why Everything turned around
Packing up Shacking up is all you wanna do

If I could Baby I'd give you my world
Open up Everything's waiting for you


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The chords work well, but try reviewing this website's rules for posting chords! Never xxxx out the lyrics on your own, and try putting the chord name on a line above the lyric for more accurate placing!
20 Jan 2018
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