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crd D chordD /crd
Id like to take the house down for a bit
Sing a couple of old classics
A chordA few of my favorites
Thank you very much

crd D chordD /crd crd G chordG /crd
Tale as old as time
crd D chordD /crd crd A chordA /crd
True as it can be
crd D chordD /crd crd F#m chordF#m /crd
Barely even friends
crd G chordG /crd
crd A chordA /crd
Beauty and the beast

crd Bb chordBb /crd crd C chordC /crd
Look at this stuff isn't it neat
crd Bb chordBb /crd crd C chordC /crd
Wouldn't you think my collections complete
crd Am chordAm /crd crd Dm chordDm /crd
Wouldn't you think I'm the girl
crd G7 chordG7 /crd crd C chordC /crd
The girl who has everything

crd C chordC /crd crd G chordG /crd crd C chordC /crd
Ba da da da da da dub da da da

crd Am chordAm /crd crd G chordG /crd crd C chordC /crd
I want adventure in the great wide somewhere

crd F#m chordF#m /crd crd G chordG /crd
Ever just the same
crd F#m chordF#m /crd crd G chordG /crd
Ever a surprise
crd Bm chordBm /crd
Ever as before
crd G chordG /crd
Ever just as sure
crd A chordA /crd
As the sun will rise


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Powfu avatar
Doesn't show how the chords are played.
29 Jan 2020
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