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Another day comes to an end
Another night alone in bed yeah
I toss and turn I feel so restless and
I’m on instagram instagram again

Friends are hanging out without me Ooh
Someone’s on a trip with family Ooh
I want to like it but I can’t Ooh ooh ooh ooh
My phone is heavy in my hands
But I’m on instagram instagram again

Mundane mundane
Things happen to me
The same shit all over again
These thoughts in my brain Hey
They keep me awake Oh yeah
So I just keep on scrolling

Maybe I'm just jealous of everyone one else
Done with this all-knowing post-digital age

Uh the world is changing fast I
Just can’t keep up the pace I’m
Getting left behind again
Oh every single post seems to let me know
Just how good they have it Oh yeah yeah yeah
When I’m feeling low I just overdose
On everybody’s happiness
But why’s it hard to find my own
By the time I come across it it’s gone Yeah
Don’t wanna go anywhere but home
It feels easier when I’m alone

Mundane mundane
Things happen to me
The same shit all over again
These thoughts in my brain
They keep me awake
So I just keep on scrolling

Tururutu Tururutu
Tururutu Tururutu Oh Yeah Ooh
To waste some time
to empty my mind
I scroll through instagram now

Lonely lonely so lonely ey yeah
The only one there for me is me
No way no way
No one understands
Every story they share makes it clear

Photos of me I wish they were real
The happiness I show to all All a lie
In front of the lens I’m empty
Completely someone else Oh
Who scrolls through instagram now

Hey so how have you been lately
Me I’m still the same just okay
I’ve been having a good time by myself
Enough about me how about you
I left a like on your latest post


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Hshxjsnx avatar
flag for US(ISO2) (California)
There is no chord progression and the chords dont match the original song.
07 Feb 2019
About this song

instagram2017.12.26DEANLyrics/작사: DeanfluenzaComposer/작곡: Deanfluenza, highhopesArranger/편곡: Deanfluenza, highhopesHow did you come to create the song "Instagram"?DEAN: I wanted to create an album that was fitting to me. I figured there wasn't much of a difference between people living in their 20s and 30s. So I thought many would agree with my honest views. I decided to observe myself and I realized that I used Instagram a lot, for no particular reason; just out of habit. Read more on