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Fm Bb13 Eb

Naeiri ol geol aneunde

Fm Bb13 Eb7

Nan haendeuponeul nochi motae

Dm7 chordDm7 G7 chordG7 Cm7 chordCm7

Jameun ol saenggagi eopttae yeah

Dm7 chordDm7 G7 chordG7 Cm7 chordCm7 Caug7 chordCaug7

Dashi instagram instagram hane

Fm Bb13 Eb

Jal nan saram manko manchi

Fm Bb13 Eb7

Nugun eodireul nolleo gattaji

Dm7 chordDm7 G7 chordG7

Joayoneun an nulleosseo

Cm7 chordCm7

Naman ireon geot gataseo

Dm7 chordDm7 G7 chordG7 Cm7 chordCm7

Jeogi instagram instagram sogen

Fm Bb13

Munjeya munje

Eb chordEb

On sesang soge

Fm Bb13 Eb7

Ttokkateun sarangnoraega

Dm chordDm G7 chordG7

Wa dachi motae

Cm7 chordCm7

Naye bam sogen

Dm7 chordDm7 G7 chordG7 Cm7 chordCm7 Caug7 chordCaug7

Saenggagi neomu manne


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About this song

instagram2017.12.26DEANLyrics/작사: DeanfluenzaComposer/작곡: Deanfluenza, highhopesArranger/편곡: Deanfluenza, highhopesHow did you come to create the song "Instagram"?DEAN: I wanted to create an album that was fitting to me. I figured there wasn't much of a difference between people living in their 20s and 30s. So I thought many would agree with my honest views. I decided to observe myself and I realized that I used Instagram a lot, for no particular reason; just out of habit. Read more on

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