Proud Mary Uke tab by Creedence Clearwater Revival

7 Chords used in the song: C, A, G, F, F6, D, Bm

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Year:  1969
Key: unknownChords
Proud Mary

C C A A C C A A G G F F F F F6 F6 F F D D D D

Left a good job in the city, workin for the man every night and day

and I never lost one minute of sleepin', worryin' 'bout the way things might
A A Bm Bm
have been. Big wheel a-keep on turnin' Proud Mary keep on burnin',
Roll - in', rollin', rollin' on the river.

repeat intro:

Cleaned a lot of plates in Memphis, pumped a lot of pain down in New

Orleans, But I never saw the good side of the city, till I hitched a ride
A A Bm Bm
on a river boat queen. Big wheel a-keep on turnin, Proud Mary keep on
burnin, roll - in, rollin, rollin on the river.

repeat intro:

if you come down to the river, bet you're gonna find some people who live,

you don't have to worry, cause you have no money, people on the river are
A A Bm Bm
happy to give. Big wheel keep on turnin, Proud Mary keep on burnin,
roll - in, rollin, rollin on the river.

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Uke tab by , 30 Aug 2009

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whetu avatar
I think it sounds better with another C, A in the intro, but apart from that it's great :)
16 Jan 2010

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About this song: Proud Mary

"Proud Mary" is a song written by American singer and guitarist John Fogerty. It was first recorded by rock band Creedence Clearwater Revival (in which Fogerty played lead guitar and sang lead vocals) on the 1969 album Bayou Country. According to the Proud Mary Songfacts, the phrase "Proud Mary" reminded John Fogerty of a domestic washerwoman, which is what he started writing the song about. When he wrote the music, the first few chords reminded him of a paddle-wheel going around, and he thought of the Mississippi River. Instead of "Proud Mary" being a clean-up lady, "she" became a boat.

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