So This Is Love Uke tab by Cinderella

8 Chords used in the song: G, G#dim, Am7, D7, Bbdim, G7, C, E7

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Album:  unknown
Key: unknownChords
G G                   G#dim G#dim
So this is love, Mmmmm
Am7 Am7 D7 D7
So this is Love
G G Am7 Am7 D7 D7
So this is what makes life divine
Bbdim Bbdim
I'm all aglow, Mmmmm
D7 D7
And now I know
The key to all heaven is mine
G#dim G#dim
My heart has wings, Mmmmm
Am7 Am7 D7 D7
And I can fly
G G G7 G7 C C
I'll touch every star in the sky
Am7 Am7 D7 D7
So this is the miracle
G G E7 E7
That I've been dreaming of
Am7 Am7 D7 D7 G G
Mmmmm, Mmmmm, So this is love

Uke tab by , 30 Apr 2014

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flag for US(ISO2) (Cranberry. PA 16319)
I think this is a Disney Song and mistakenly was put in with the glam rock band Cinderella
16 Oct 2018

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