Your New Boyfriend Uke tab by Wilbur Soot

8 Chords used in the song :

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kaykat523 avatar
this is a lot easier than the "official" version! :D
03 Jan 2021
iman_uke avatar
flag for CA(ISO2) (toronto)
love this!! the chords work very well and the fingerpicking is also very good :)
23 Dec 2020
flag for AU(ISO2) (Sydney)
Thank you! I love wilburs songs :)))
19 Dec 2020
ulirathex avatar
this is perfect!!! thank you
18 Dec 2020
About this song

“Your New Boyfriend” is the third song in the “E-Girl” series by Wilbur Soot. Originally teased in July on TommyInnit’s Twitch stream, the song was officially released on December 11th. Wilbur is also a streamer on Twitch, which is referenced in the lyrics, and the whole series contains satirical lyrics, poking fun at “simps” and “nice guys” online.The chorus was popular before the song was officially released, with the teaser being circulated on platforms like TikTok and Youtube. Read more on