Ghost Mountain Uke tab by Unicorns

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Intro: C chordC F chordF C chordC G chordG

C chordC F chordF C chordC G chordG
When we climbed to the peak we planted a flag
C chordC F chordF C chordC G chordG
But the moment we had i felt bad
C chordC F chordF
And then night came so we got into our sleeping bags
C chordC G chordG
And then someone told a story about something dead and gory
C chordC
There was heat
Em chordEm (without hitting Low E chordE)
From the fire
F chordF G chordG
But i still froze when i saw the ghost

C chordC Em chordEm
I told the gang we weren't welcome
F chordF G chordG
The ghost made that clear
C chordC Em chordEm F chordF G chordG
So we stepped back stepped back but it was drawing near
C chordC
And it lunged for our throats
F chordF
So we packed our things made tracks
C chordC G chordG
Undid our footprints even furled our flag and
C chordC Em chordEm
We were gone but what was on the top of the mountain
F chordF G chordG
The mountain top

C chordC Em chordEm
Sweet nothing I made it up
F chordF G chordG
So we would make it down with no claim on Ghost Mountain


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