Flowers In The Window Uke tab by Travis

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C chordC C/B chordC/B AM chordAM D7 chordD7 FM chordFM G chordG
C chordC C/B chordC/B AM chordAM D7 chordD7 FM chordFM G chordG
Verse 1
G chordG F chordF
When I first held you I was cold
G chordG AM chordAM
A chordA melting snowman I was told
G chordG F chordF
But there was no one there to hold
G chordG C chordC
Before I swore that I would be alone forever more

C chordC C/B chordC/B AM chordAM
Wow look at you now flowers in the window
D7 chordD7
Its such a lovely day
FM chordFM G chordG
And Im glad you feel the same
C chordC C/B chordC/B
Cos you stand up out in the crowd
AM chordAM D7 chordD7
You are one in a million and I love you so
FM chordFM G chordG
Lets watch the flowers grow

Same chords for the rest of the song but Im not sure of the words


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About this song

"Flowers in the Window" is the third single from Travis' third studio album, The Invisible Band. It is often wrongly said that the band felt the song to be too soppy for release. In actual fact they always felt the song had potential but were never satisfied with the recording. After a number of failed attempts to record the song, the band were finally pleased with it. The song was written before the release of The Man Who.