Billionaire Uke tab by Travis Mccoy

7 Chords used in the song: G, C, E, A, C#, F#, D

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This is my first tab, its of Bruno Mars's - Billionaire 

Intro G G C C E E A A
A -2-1-0-0
C# -6-5-0-0
E -4-4-4-2

A A A A A A A A, C# C# C# C# C# C# C# C#, F# F#Min F# F#Min F# F#Min F# F#Min, E E E E E E E E (Repeat)

Every other note mute using the pinky Mute technique.

Chorus G G C C E E A A
D 2-2-2-0
E 4-4-4-2
A 2-1-0-0

D D....D, E E....E, A A (Repeat)

Thanks for using my tab, hope this makes you able to play the song.
Peace, Jack Webster

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Uke tab by , 17 Oct 2010

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twhite avatar
confusing and i don't think the chords you wrote are right.
17 Oct 2010

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