Mary Jane's Last Dance Uke tab by Tom Petty

5 Chords used in the song: Am, G, D, Em7, A

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Album:  unknown
Key: D, G, Em, BmChords
Mary Jane's Last Dance lyrics
(1 guitar) Am Am-G G-D D-Am Am x2 (everybody) Am Am-G G-D D-Am Am x2
Am Am G G D D
she grew up in an indiana town had a good looking mama,
Am Am Am Am G G
who never was around - but she grew up tall and she grew up right
D D Am Am Am Am G G D D Am Am
with them indiana boys on them indiana nights. (harmonica) x 2
well she moved down here, the age of 18
she blew the boys away, was more than they had seen
i was introduced and we both started groovin
she said i dig you baby but i got to keep movin'
on (keep movin'on)...... (Am Am-G G-D D-Am Am)
Em7 Em7 A A
Last dance with mary jane one more time to kill the pa---in
Em7 Em7 A A G G
I feel summer creepin'in and i'm tired of this town aga----in
Am Am-G G-D D-Am Am (twice - harmonic)
well i don't know, but i've been told
you never slow down, you never grow old
I'm tired of screwin'up, tired of going down
tired of myself, tired of this town
oh my my, oh hell yes
honey put on that party dress
buy me a drink, sing me a song
take me as i come, 'cause i can't stay long (straight to REFAIN)
Am Am G G D D Am Am
(guitar lead) x4
there's pigeons down on market square
she's standing in her underwear
looking down from a hotel room
nightfall will be coming soon
oh my my, oh hell yes, you got to put on that party dress
it was too cold to cry when i woke up alone
i hit my number, i walked to the road (straight to REFAIN)

Uke tab by , 18 Feb 2020

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