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Bsus2 chordBsus2 D/B chordD/B A/B chordA/B

[Verse 1]
Bsus chordBsus Bsus2 chordBsus2 Bdim7 chordBdim7 B chordB(add2)
Lydia Way back when I was just ten simple and sweet
E/B chordE/B Bmaj7 chordBmaj7 A chordA(add2) E chordE
Ev'- ry - where fellas would stare out on the street
A/E chordA/E E chordE A/E chordA/E E chordE A/E chordA/E E chordE C#m7 chordC#m7 B/D# chordB/D# E chordE(add2) A9 chordA9
And I felt used kinda confused I would refuse to look in their eyes
C#7 chordC#7 F#7sus chordF#7sus
But now I really love creepy old guys Barbara/Delia We all do

[Verse 2]
Bsus2 chordBsus2
Barbara Gum Disease
Bdim7 chordBdim7
Delia Skin like grilled cheese
B chordB(add2)
Lydia Saggy old asses Delia Saggy old asses
Asus2 chordAsus2 A chordA E chordE
Lydia Cute and vile Barbara/Delia/Adam Hey baby smile Lydia To each girl that passes
C#m7 chordC#m7 B/D# chordB/D# E chordE A chordA
Barbara They make me blush Delia Can't get enough Lydia Now one of them loves me wants to be mine
Bb chordBb B chordB
Barbara/Delia/Adam That's right
C chordC C#7 chordC#7 F#7 chordF#7 B chordB
Lydia I'm marrying my own creepy old guy Beetlejuice I'm a creepy old guy

F#7 chordF#7 E chordE B7#9 chordB7#9
My creepy old guy my creepy old guy I'm so happy I could cry
D#m7 chordD#m7 E chordE C#7 chordC#7 F#7 chordF#7
Barbara/Delia Girls may seem disgusted but we're actually just shy
Asus2 chordAsus2 E/G# chordE/G#
Lydia My creepy old groom Barbara Her creepy old groom
Em/G chordEm/G G#m chordG#m B7sus chordB7sus/F# C#7sus chordC#7sus
Barbara/Delia Play that wedding tune Lydia Hey folks steps aside
C#7 chordC#7
Beetlejuice Ya know I am older But im glad I waited
E/F# chordE/F# F#7 chordF#7 E/F# chordE/F# F#7 chordF#7 Bsus/F# chordBsus/F# B chordB D/B chordD/B A6/B chordA6/B E/B chordE/B
Lydia 'Cause here comes the bride I am marrying my creepy old guy
B chordB E/B chordE/B B chordB D/B chordD/B A6/B chordA6/B G7sus chordG7sus
My creepy old guy

[Verse 3]
B chordB Cdim7 chordCdim7 C chordC
Fix his hair get him prepared for armageddon
Bb chordBb(add2) F chordF Bb/F chordBb/F F chordF Bb/F chordBb/F
Barbara Sure the groom crawled out of a tomb Delia But hey it's a wedding
Dm7 C/E F(add2) Bb13#11
Lydia So dim the lights pick up some rice say something nice it's my day to shine
D7 chordD7 G7 chordG7 C chordC
I'm getting hitched to my creepy old guy

C7 chordC7 F6 chordF6 C chordC
Barbara/Delia Creepy old guy creepy old guy She's marrying a creepy old guy
Em7 chordEm7 F chordF(add2) D7 chordD7 G7 chordG7
Charles Have you guys seen Lolita This is just like that but fine
Bb chordBb(add2) F chordF(add2)/A Fm/Ab chordFm/Ab Am7 chordAm7 C7/G chordC7/G D7sus chordD7sus D7 chordD7
Adam/Barbara Creepy old dude creepy old dude A/B chordA/B/C/D Our faith has been renewed and love is alive

F chordF(add2) C/E chordC/E F chordF(add2) C/E chordC/E Dm7 chordDm7 C chordC Gm7 chordGm7
Lydia Wave your baby girl goodbye I am walking down the isle I wanna see a tear in ev'ry eye as i pass by
Am9/C chordAm9/C Bb/D chordBb/D
I know that on the outside he's disgusting and even on the inside hes disgusting
Dbmaj7 chordDbmaj7 C7sus chordC7sus F chordF Ab/F chordAb/F Bb/F chordBb/F B/F chordB/F A/B chordA/B
but i know that this time im making things right with my family by my side

[Verse 4]
E/F# chordE/F# B chordB Bdim7 chordBdim7 B chordB
Beetlejuice O M G chordG I'm dressed to a T fancy and formal
A chordA E chordE A/E chordA/E
I found me a wife L'chaim to life This is so normal
E chordE C#m7 chordC#m7 B/D# chordB/D# E chordE(add2) A9 chordA9
I was ignored but now I'm adored cuz I extorted tortured and lied
C#7sus chordC#7sus F#7 chordF#7
Give it up for my underage bride
F# chordF# E chordE B chordB
All Here comes the bride Here comes the bride God be glorified
I can't believe some cultures think this kind of thing's alright
A chordA(add2) E chordE(add2)/G# Em/G chordEm/G G#m7 chordG#m7 F#m7 chordF#m7 C#7sus chordC#7sus
Lydia My creepy old guy my creepy old guy doesn't he deserve a chance at life
C#7 chordC#7
Beetlejuice Oh yeah that's right
E chordE(add2)/F# E/F# chordE/F# F#7sus chordF#7sus B chordB D/B chordD/B C#/B chordC#/B C/B chordC/B B chordB D/B chordD/B C#/B chordC#/B C/B chordC/B B chordB D chordD E chordE
Lydia So lets make him alive I am marrying my creepy old guy Add Barbara Add Delia
E/F# chordE/F# N.C. B chordB


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